Landing Pages Development

Webpage that capture the visitors information through a lead form is landing page, People also call them Lead Pages. There are two kinds of lading pages:-

Lead generation Landing Pages :-These are designed to capture the information about the visitors so that they can be contacted in future.

Click Through Landing Pages:- These are designed to give the information to the buyer about the certain product or services. And pushing them towards the purchase. Mainly used for e commerce. That is the reason they are also called Transactional Landing Pages
In the “Digital Marketing” the success of your business depend upon the how much traffic you can divert to your website. Success of your business is in the correlation to the traffic on your website.

“More traffic leads to the more conversions, More conversion means more profit.”

Fully optimized and high performing landing pages can help you to attain superior outcomes and more transformation.

Homepages & Landing Pages

Homepages revels the general information like your brand, products , services and values. It has many navigation options and sub sections.
Landing pages are customized, precise and target oriented. Lead pages are distinct from website these are created to get the targeted traffic. Lead pages are focused on single objective.

Lead generation and conversion of traffic into sales is the main objective of Digital marketing. Landing pages is an effective tool to attain the goals of digital marketing.
Studies conducted by different universities proved that the 90% of the time website visitors only seek the information and have no intention to buy. Moreover this 90% visits do not buy during their initial visits. Now here comes the role of effective landing pages. As it is the first impression of your product or services, which will create the awareness related to your brand.
Effective landing pages lead higher lead generation which is a advantage over your competitors in creating good relationship with visitors. Landing pages enable you to pull more business without putting additional money and increase the cost. Landing pages also gives you a valuable compression on the spending patterns of you targeted pool of customers and with the use of this information you can design further marketing strategies.

“The most vital tool of digital marketing is your website. It is the clear reflection of your business and values.” Our Effective Landing Pages :-

The components which are the essentials for effective landing pages are :-
Effective landing pages don't distract their visitors and limit the exits , hide the navigation elements and focused on the desired output.
Make sure that your landing pages deliver value. Your targeted visitor will give their information in lieu of that value. Treat yourself as a customer and ask that what will drive you to give your contact information.
Most visitors are impatient they are in the search for, " what is in it for me?". So your message on lead pages must have a strong co relation with the visitor's mind.
Keep it short . The longer lead forms result to the frustration which direct to the
distraction of the customer.
Share links enable your customers to share your content
with their circle of influence.
Testing and innovations on you lead pages is essential in this competitive scenario. So Test Innovate, Test -Innovate, ......

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