Website Audits

What is website audit?

Website audit is a process performed by Search Engine Optimization experts to examine a website manually using different testing tools. In short, website audit is a SEO consulting service to dissect all the behind-the-scene codes to reveal problems at the back end. SEO experts, when performing website audits, use their professional skills to create reports on a website specifying its SEO health, listing the issues and tracking the performance of the website throughout the years.

Importance of website audit for a business

Every business needs website audit, which helps to determine whether a website has been optimized for achieving the preset business goals or not. If it is not optimized, then you need website audit report to show performance could be improved. Auditing can also improve your site’s search engine ranking.
Benefits of performing website audit:

Improved Website Performance: Audits evaluate a website for its technical performance. This can let you know immediately how your site is visible on search engines.
Better SEO: Audits will reveal and identify the missed SEO opportunities along with the remedies to the SEO issues within the website like keyword stuffing, or inappropriate anchor text links.
Improved Conversion Rate: Audits help not only in evaluating but also in reevaluating the effectiveness of a website and improving the conversion rate.
Optimized for Maximum Usability: Audits can help improve the usability of a website. After auditing, a site can be optimized and designed according visitors’ preferences.

Our Website Audit Process is geared for:

How we can help?

We can professionally conduct the audit of your website in English, Simplified & Traditional Chinese. The major Search Engines we work with include Google, Yahoo, Bing and Baidu. We are committed to taking your website towards new heights of success.
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