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We are a company that offers both local and regional Search Engine Marketing services for businesses throughout Asia. Irrespective of the scope of your target audience, we offer unique Search Engine Marketing (SEM) programs that are aimed at your marketing objectives along with your budget restraints. Have a look at our company’s SEM services and how we can help you reach your target audience.

Search engine marketing – What is it?

Search Engine Marketing or SEM, the term was previously used as an umbrella term to cover both Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and other paid search activities. But gradually, the SEO industry has adopted this acronym to refer only to paid search. Now SEM is referred to the paid listings and the longer term ‘search marketing’ is used to cover both SEO and SEM. By all measures, Google AdWords is the most famous paid search platform that is used by internet marketers. Google is soon followed by Bing Ads, which also serves a considerable amount of ads on Yahoo. Apart from them, there are some 2nd-tier PPC (pay-per-click) platforms and advertising options on some of the major social networking sites. Each of the PPC platforms have their own’ getting started guidelines which are great for beginners in the SEM industry.

Why SEM is necessary for your business

Here are some valid reasons behind the necessity of SEM for your business:

Boosts online visibility: The internet can indeed be a crowded place and anyone with a commercial website will know the extreme importance of people being able to find your website online. This is the key of Search Engine Marketing and through SEM, it is possible to obtain quality traffic.

Precise targeting: As per latest statistics, over 30 billion searches were performed globally every month. Keyword targeting is important and SEM helps you go after people who are interested in you.

Enhances productivity: With SEM, you could target specific audiences based on their searches. What people search for will often give you the accurate indication of how close they can help you in achieving your goal.

Results are measurable: Transparency and visibility is the motto of every company providing SEM services. It is possible to track data about each user through SEM. When you’re able to track data as a marketer, you will know better where your advertising dollars go.

Business planning & Research

We identify your business needs, set targets, offer effective solutions, set PPC strategies and aim at delivering the best possible services.

Set up account

We create an account according to the needs and nature of business.

Get creative with keywords

Discovery of keywords, keyword analysis, keyword grouping and keyword action are some of steps.

Create a budge

We track your business budget and refine and remarket campaigns in accordance with your affordability.

Landing Page Creation

We offer clear, simple and well-designed optimization that’ll help you target the right audience.<br />

Analytics & Reporting

We offer monthly report on traffic changes, tailor reporting and analysis and track SEM rankings.

Our Approach

Google AdWords: Generation Digital is a Google Business certified user. Be seen by the online users at the very moment they search on Google.
Yahoo: Yahoo offers an ingenious combination of advertising solutions backed by leading insights to help you meet your objective.
Bing: Grab more attention through Bing ads and allow your customers to get a visual treat through the attractive product images.
Baidu: With Baidu, we make advertising a simple option for western businesses. Hence, if you are a start-up digital marketing company, you can seek our assistance to reach out to the right audience. We’re an international digital marketing agency across Asia-Pacific with more than 12 years’ experience.
We’re Google Qualified Business partners with a variety of SEM packages that are tailored to suit the needs of all businesses.

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