Meet Our Team

We are a team of technologists and idea people

Vivian Meriguet

Managing Director

After having been CEO of a Digital Marketig Agency in France, Founded a digital marketing agency based in Hong Kong to offer our skills to clients. Vivian has a strong background in web business and over 10 years experience in digital marketing. He provides strong management and guidance to the entire team.

Lug Giroud

Chief Operating Officer

Lug Giroud broad experience and informed perspective on digital to leading Generation Digital while growing the agency’s HK footprint. His approach guarantees that data-driven insights are implemented through smart creativity to deliver unparalleled results for Generation’s expanding list of clients in the Asia.


General Manager, Digital Strategy Planning

A pioneer in online Marketing, Erik brings over 15 years of marketing experience. Erik has a deep knowledge in online marketing across different platforms, e-commerce strategy and data analytics. He is bilingual in German and English. The last five years he managed successfully European online business with several thousand transactions per day. In previous roles he also worked on consulting projects for SME’s in various roles.

Bharat Dahiya

Digital Marketing Strategist

Bharat Dahiya is the Digital Marketing Strategist and a key member of the founding team of Generation Digital. He holds a Master’s degree in Business Administration and is an Advanced Multimedia professional certified by American Institute of Technology. He has a solid background in the IT industry, where he gathered the skills to be a successful marketer.

Hemu Bhati

Digital Marketing, SEO Specialist, Web Analytics

Hemu Bhati, the Co-Founder of Generation Digital, is an experienced Digital Marketing and SEO specialist (Analytics and Adwords Qualified Individual) by profession and has established himself as a determined young entrepreneur. Prior to commencing his own venture, he has accumulated 12 years of experience in the fields of search engine optimization, digital marketing and consultancy.

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Hemu put his years of study and experience to good use by establishing Generation Digital, a promising online marketing consultancy firm that is committed to helping businesses in the areas of SEO, digital marketing and beyond. As the Co-Founder, he is dedicated to its continued growth and success.

Vicky Yeung

Content Manager

Vicky is the Content Manager at Generation Digital. With a passion for the art of language and bilingual proficiency in English and Chinese, she aims to bridge the communication gaps and to ensure smooth exchange of ideas. She knows how to craft the right content for the right audience and, thus, oversees the implementation of content strategies, helping to drive visibility for our clients.

Vicky holds a degree in Applied Linguistics from City

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University of Hong Kong, where she received intensive training in language uses and specialized in computerized text processing. She studied artificial intelligence for machine translation and became well acquainted with HTML, computer interface design and a few programming languages. She started her career by joining an international IT publisher as a features writer for an English computer magazine. Before joining Generation Digital, Vicky was the corporate communication manager of an investment start-up based in US. She managed and edited all sorts of corporate media including corporate brochures, marketing presentations, website contents, newsletters, company announcements and official letters. Her rich experiences in content creation and refinement, layout and publishing, as well as corporate communications, make her a unique asset to the team and to our clients.

Mickey Lee

Online Marketing Manager

Mickey Lee, our Online Marketing Manager is big on understanding how an effective digital strategy can redefine business success. She boasts an incisive comprehension of marketing analytics and client relationships. At Generation Digital, Mickey constantly challenges herself by implementing a variety of marketing campaigns and strategies for our clients.

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Mickey Lee holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Computing from University of Greenwich. She has more than 13 years of extensive hands-on experience in business development and online marketing. She is good at dealing with clients, understanding their requirements and executing programmes to meet clients’ targets.


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