Video Marketing

Video marketing is all about incorporating videos into the marketing campaign of a company for the purpose of promoting its products and services. These videos include customer testimonials, how-to, explainer, training, and entertainment videos, and videos of live events. The purpose of these videos is to attract the customers.

How it works?

Video Marketing has its own way of attracting new visitors to your website by making them watch a video demonstration of what you are offering. Have a look at how it works.
Improved Search Engine Ranking - The search results of search engines show videos along with content. Videos have the ability of getting indexed quicker than any other type of content. The chances of coming in top search results will increase.
Attracts more Visitors - Video marketing will attract more and more customers to your site and social pages. It will improve your online branding because visitors are attracted to watching videos instead of reading content.
Connects with the Audience - Once the customers watch your videos, they connect with your brand. Video marketing helps in building the bridge with you and your audience and develop trust.
Lead Generation - With videos, you can actually make your visitors stay on your website for a long time. As they engage with the content, there are changes it might convert into lead generation.

Our Services

Our video marketing services take your videos to as wide audience as possible. We first learn about your audience, identify how they discover videos and engage with them and then we offer the following list of services:
Video Production
We create high quality and meaningful videos for our clients according to their business niche. These videos can be direct response, testimonials, tutorials, entertainment videos, and even videos related to corporate profiles
Video Distribution
It is an important part of the marketing strategy to distribute the videos. The videos are distributed on sites, blogs, and social media platforms so that they are available to a large group of audience.
Video Advertising
We are in a partnership with the top video advertising firms that can deliver highly targeted video ads to the blogs, sites, apps and mobile devices. We use the advanced performance metrics for measuring and improving the ROI of the marketing campaign. We will get your videos in front of the target market and improve your brand strategy. With video advertising, your goals will be met.
Video SEO
Optimisation refers to customers finding the videos of your product or service by using the relevant keywords. We perform keyword research and optimise your videos so that when they use the keywords, your videos appear in the search results. That’s how your videos will come in the notice of the potential audience.

Our Approach

We have a specific approach towards video marketing. Your brand will be established through videos by keeping the message about your business or products/services consistent. We have licensed and certified team of experts who perform the job of marketing videos according to the requirements of clients. As we are done with making videos, here is our approach to this job:

Step1-Understanding the audience

The first step to our approach is understanding the audience. We find out how they use social platforms, how they discover videos and how they search for different terms. This makes it easier for us to target the people.

Step-2 Using the mix of channels

An effective marketing campaign is the one that uses a mix of multiple channels for distributing videos. We have an integrated campaign for promoting content through a mixture of widely accessed distribution channels.

Step-3 Working on optimisation & advertising

The videos are optimised with the most relevant and popular keywords to improve the visibility. Then, we work on the promotion of the videos using video ads access different sites, blogs and apps.

Step-4 Measuring the success

Videos if aligned with the business goals can get you the results that you are looking for. We completely take the responsibility of measuring the results of our approach. We make sure that your targets are hit. This helps us in learning which of our strategies were effective in driving success in short time.