Social Media Optimization & Marketing

Social Media provides biggest opportunity for your business and your brand to be visible to your customer and an important support touch point at no extra cost. So, here the question is; have you integrated social media marketing for the success of your business? If not then try integrating soon to keep in pace with the recent market trends!

Our Social Media Optimization Strategy

We are a social media agency in Hong Hong and Social media optimization is one of the prime objectives for our organization. We offer effective SMO strategies and solutions through which, Generation Digital have maintained a very high success rate. This is further, defined in the projects executed by us. We have 10 years solid experience, which only target is to get your website easily linked and visible on online market segment.


Integrating and connecting are the two vital parts of Social media optimization. At Nirvana we try to imply the best by culminating both through the help of different social platforms:

Understand Goals – Before We starts working on SSM of your business, we learn about your goals for brand awareness, conversion, web traffic and brand identity. Once the goals are understood, we get a clear picture of what you want to achieve.

Create Measurable Objectives - We then work on creating measurable objectives for your business. These objectives are the extension of your business goals on the basis of which we take the plan to the next level. Our social media analysts will perform the job accordingly.

Build a Content Plan - The next step is to design a content plan. We perform keyword research and then brainstorm the ideas for the contents, keeping in mind your target audience. We understand that content is king so the content plan is to be made strategically.

Consistent Brand Image - With SSM, we project a consistent brand image of your business over different social media platforms. Each platform may have a unique voice and environment, but we will keep your brand image consistent, projecting the same core identity of your business.

Blog - Blogging is one essential SSM tool where you can share ideas and information with your audience. With your company blog, you can share contests, events and activities of your business and build a closer relationship with your audience.

Social Bookmarking sites and Social Networks - This is another proven method which drives traffic to site. We work on a host of social bookmarking sites such as stumbleupon, digg,, reddit, clipmarks, newsvine etc. We are also providing a solution where by additional links will cost less through the economies of scale that we are able to attain.

Track Competitors - Social Media Marketing will be incomplete if you don’t track your competitors. Your competitors can offer you valuable industry insights and even ideas for keywords. We perform competitor analysis to track the performance of your competitors.

Measure Success with Analytics –We regularly analyze and measure the output of my entire SMO campaign through different analytics and metrics tools; so that we always come up with effective and desired results.

Benefits of Social Media Marketing

Social Media Marketing is becoming a big thing in the marketing arena. It is more than a fad as it is going to stay in the spotlight for a long time. Have a look at some of the benefits of Social Media Marketing for small and medium companies::

Improve Brand Recognition

Social media networks are like channels that can help deliver the messages of your brand. It is in short a way to gain exposure, which makes people get more acquainted with your brand.

Create Brand Loyalty

The brands that engage in the social media channels tend to have a higher customer loyalty. Social networks connect you with your audience and constant engagement cultivates customer loyalty.

Learn About Your Audience

Knowing your audience is a key for success in business. Social media can provide you with market insights like gender and age.

More Conversion Opportunities

Each and every post made on the social networks gives an opportunity for the customers to convert. The feedback, the way you interact with them and the visits that you get to your website, all of these are conversion opportunities.

Higher Brand Authority

Regularly interacting and engaging with customers helps to invite other customers. The more exposure of your brand on social media, the higher brand authority it develops.

Low Marketing Cost

Every good hour spent on social media interacting with your customers counts. The marketing cost is very low. You can reach a huge number of customers at a small cost.

Improve Search Engine Ranking

Social media marketing can significantly make your search engine ranking go higher up. Being active on these networks gives branding signals to the search engines, increasing your legitimacy and credibility.

High Inbound Traffic

If you don’t work on social media networks, you will have the inbound traffic limited to people who know about your brand. On the other hand, if you actively engage in Social Media Marketing, then your inbound traffic will be increased substantially.