Online Reputation Management

What is Online Reputation Management?

For any online business, Online Reputation Management (ORM) is crucial. It is basically the image of your business on the internet. It is about restoring and improving the brand name. All the negative material about your website is countered through ORM. That’s why you need to hire online reputation management company. It targets on defeating the negative comments and improving the credibility and hence improving your SEO too. ORM is actually an important part of the SEO Services.
Customers look for the reviews of an online website before they make any purchase. One negative information can spread like fire on the social media and even the search engine results. This can influence the brand image of the business. In order to remove these negative comments, you have to work on Online Reputation Management. In short, it is important to build a positive reputation to survive.

How it will give Benefit to your Company?

Do you know where does the reputation of your company lie? Just Google your company and see what kind of reputation you have. A survey shows that 80% of the people make a purchase decision on the basis of the reviews about a company they see on the internet. If you are wondering why you need to work on Online Reputation Management, take a look at the benefits it can do for your online business:

Improved Customer Satisfaction

Whenever a customer wants to learn about the product or service, he will look for the reviews. If there is no bad information available regarding your business, this will provide satisfaction to the customers. In short, the customer will gain some insights about your company that will encourage him to make a purchase.

Effective Public Relations

With ORM, you can actually boost your public relations. You will get to know about the real influencers of your business and then you can work on addressing their needs specifically.

Identification of Loopholes

ORM is an effective tool to identify the loopholes in your products and services. With the reviews or the feedback you receive, you can improve your niche and it make it more profitable.

Control over the Search Engine Rankings

ORM gives you control over the Search Engine Ranking as you get a list of the keywords that are associated with your brand. If any of the keyword listings has negative reviews attached, this can harm your reputation. With ORM, you can improve these listing and take control of the top rankings.

Our approach to Online Reputation Management

If you are looking for help, let us address the reputation of your online business. Here is our approach to Online Reputation Management

Identification of Problem

Before we start working, we first identify the status of an online website or business. This also includes identifying all the areas that are problematic in terms of reputation and that need to be addressed.

Suppress the Search Results

Search results can be pushed down and replaced with positive ones in our ORM Services. Suppression is to push down the negative comments or reviews and replace them with the positive ones. Suppression is a very important part of reputation management. We use organic ways to work on brand building. We promote your name through social media, positive blogs and articles. It is combined with SEO to defend the reputation of the client.

Search Result Removal

The negative comments of your business will be removed from the search results of Google. We use content marketing techniques to do this. This is the second step to ORM.

Protection of Online Reputation

Protection of the reputation is the key to success. We create a reputation protection plan for your business to strengthen the positive image and improve the way people see your brand on the internet. We use the best content marketing practices for protecting the online reputation.

Monitoring of the online reputation

We don’t just offer reputation management services in Hong Kong, we also monitor the reputation of your business. We constantly keep track of the stats to identify the negative reviews and suppress them. Our goal is to increase the prominence of your brand.