Content Marketing

What is Content Marketing?

Content marketing is a strategic marketing approach that focuses on creating and distributing relevant, valuable, consistent content to attract and retain customers. It targets at defining your audience and eventually helps you drive profitable customer action. Content marketing falls into different categories i.e. infographics, webpages, podcast, videos and books. It helps to create awareness of your business and eventually it encourages the visitor to make a purchase.

How it works?

Content marketing revolves around creating content that is valuable enough to attract visitors and retain customers. It works with the following steps:


A content marketing strategy is developed based on the target audience. It may also involve conducting a website audit and a content inventory check.

Content Creation and Management

There are a series of individual tasks for creating and managing content, such as keyword research, site structuring, developing the landing page, cornerstone content, blog content and data visualization.

Content Promotion

Once content is created, it has to be promoted as well. Content promotion is performed via social media management, technical SEO, email/newsletter management, targeted outreach and link building, paid content amplification, as well as Pay-per-click marketing.

Analytics, Measurement and Improvement

In order to check the effectiveness of content creation and content promotion, analytics and measurement tools are used to gauge the results. Tasks performed in this step include Google Analytics setup, Google tag manager setup, measurement of goals, analytics auditing and conversion rate optimization.

Our Services

We have team members who have been working in the area of content marketing and management for over 10 years. Here is the list of services we provide:

Content Marketing Strategy, Creation and Promotion

We assist our clients in creating a content marketing strategy right from scratch. We work on content strategy development, content inventory check and audit, as well as content analysis.

Content Management

We understand the importance of regularly updating content. Stale content turns off potential customers and hence your business. Therefore, we work on content updates and maintenance.

Share Content in Social Media

We also manage the social media calendars for you. We’ll market and share your content to your audience via Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Google+, YouTube and other social networks. This will help build brand exposure and brand awareness.

Email marketing

We constantly engage in helping our clients design and run their email newsletter. We will work on the initial email theme, regular distribution of the newsletter with approved content, monthly testing & reporting tasks.


An important part of visual content creation is infographics. Infographics or information graphics are graphic visual representations of information, data or knowledge intended for quick and easy comprehension. If you have data or information to convert to attractive visual forms, we can lend you a helping hand. We have creative designers and developers to create quality infographics for your target audience.

Blog Posts

Blogging is an effective way of engaging with customers, readers and community related to your business or service. Our content creation team can create cornerstone content for your blogs. We can help create the following types of blog posts:
• Informational how-to posts • The list-based blog posts • The curated collection of posts • Blog posts for your official website blog • Blog posts for online marketing campaigns and for other blogs

Video creation

Adding video content to your website is becoming more common as some people don’t like reading all the time but they love to watch instructional and informative videos when they want to learn more about a product or service. Let us create enticing videos for your business.