SEO for Nonprofits

You are changing Hong Kong, We want to help.

At Generation Digital, we’re committed to helping non-profit organizations, green technology companies and educational institutions
accomplish and exceed their goals. Our mission is to deliver and implement innovative digital marketing strategies
to businesses that seek to improve the world around us.

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What is Generation Digital SEO for Nonprofits?

Generation Digital’s SEO edition for non-profits empowers nonprofit organizations, by providing them with 6 months free SEO Services worth upto $5,000 USD per month. Using our SEO tools of Search engine optimization, we want to help them be heard and promote their missions and initiatives on search engines and organic search results.

Generation Digital Nonprofit SEO Program Details

Generation Digital SEO grantees will receive free Website Optimization and ongoing SEO Services in Hong Kong by Generation Digital to increase their ranking in search results. Generation Digital will manage grantees SEO account similar to paying clients, but participate with the following restrictions:

Monthly 8 hours spent on client
A maximum of 20 pages optimized
A maximum of 20 targeted keywords
Only work with Google search engine
Targeting Hong Kong only

If you meet the eligibility criteria, you are welcome to submit an application to us. To submit you application simply click on “Click to Apply” button below.
Please note, we will review and respond to your application within 7 working days of submission.

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